Thursday, June 25, 2009

3rd Payment From Deal Barbie Pays Fast!

And yes, DealBarbiePaysFast does pay fast! Some people do prefer this over the net 35 rule DBP has. So, if you want quick money, then this is the place for you!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Greedy Clicks

I thought GreedyClicks was a PTC site, but found that it was
basically another
Dietzel GPT Site. Not the end of the world since this is
quite a good GPT site if
you want money quickly. They even have automated payments.
This month, they have
a referral contest where
first prize gets $100, second gets $50,
and third gets $25.
Lasts until July 31st.
Payment Proof:

It's not much, because I don't do much there,
but they do pay, and FAST!
I got mine in less than three hours.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Payment Proofs Gallery 2

Greedy Clicks

Thursday, June 4, 2009


DollarClickorSign up used to be known as DealBarbieClicks until it was sold to a very active admin named Lora Sipple. What used to be a pretty much dead site became a very lively, thriving one once everything was transferred. The design changed pretty drastically and the site had been improving since.

DollarClickorSign up has a very simple premise--Click on 1c ads or just sign up for things. One of the two. Cashout is $1.00 minimum and you get 100% level one referral earnings. With that, you'd only NEED one level. DollarClickorSign up is also open to those OUTSIDE of the US, which is part of the appeal. She also has some great promos for June:
Mega Mondays!
On Mega Mondays this is what you get:
Complete 3 Offers and Get $1! (one time only)
2 For $1 Referral Bonus' (all day as many as you want)
Trial Bonus. Get $1 Bonus for Each Trial You Complete on Every Monday This Month!
Also Part of Mega Mondays... Secret Prize Give Away!
Each Monday I will draw names and give a Secret prize away!
You get One Secret Prize Give Away Ticket for a certain amount of offers.
The prize itself depends on the amount of offers you need for a ticket.
The Prizes will be announced on a weekly basis.
This weeks prize can be found under the chat box.

Tricky Tuesdays!
On Tricky Tuesdays I will place offers in the Bonus Offers From Lora :0) Section.
These offers Maybe Or May Not Be Double Their Value!
Can you find the ones that are?

Wild, Wonderful, Trivia Wednesday!
On Every Wednesday This Month I Will Place Trivia Questions under the Trivia Question Section Of Offers.
The amount of the worth of Trivia Questions can change at any time.

Trial Thursdays!
For Every Thursday This Month Get A $2.50 Bonus For Every Two Trials You do!
Do two Trials and when they credit go submit the $2.50 Trial Bonus Offer that is only up on Thursdays.

Freebie Fridays!
On Freebie Fridays We Will Have A Freebie Race!
The Winner Will Get A Special Prize From Me.
The prize may vary depending on completion amount.
So the more you earn, the bigger your prize!
The races end at midnight Friday Nights.
Please remember these races will all be per country.
Which means each country will have its own winners.
In the end we should have 12 Winners!
Good Luck!

Super Jackpot Saturdays!
On Super Jackpot Saturdays I will increase the amount that goes into the Jackpot From .10cents to .25 cents per offer.
Also, For Every 3 Offers you Complete Simply go Click the Special
Jackpot Entry Offer. The Offer is only Posted on Saturdays.
Remember The Jackpot is given out Each Saturday at Midnight!
Good Luck!

Sweet Sundays!
Every Sunday This Month... Get..... DOUBLE CLICKIT COINS!
So If you earn 100 Clickit Coins on a Sunday I will give you 100 Clickit Coins!
Does not get much better than that!

Yea. She even has contests for DAILY SURVEYS, which is a rare thing in the GPT world. Here is my payment proof:

Friday is usually "CashOutDay" at DollarClickorSign up, and she pays within a few days of cashout. Like most GPT sites, the more you do, the more you'll make, so I'm sure that others have made more than I did. It's the referral earnings, 1cPTCs, and unique promos that make DollarClickOrSignUp worth joining.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Monthy DealBarbie

I did fairly well this month(May), but while I didn't make as much as others, I still got paid and won a couple of prizes! This is what I got for May:

I didn't make as much as others because I don't DO as much. The more you do, the more you get obviously. This month may be different because these are the June Promos I am most interested in: :D

Monthly Completion Contest(June 1-30)

June Electronics Giveaway! Every 10 Offers/1 Ticket - 10 Prizes! -- Jun 1-30
Sony 32" flat screen TV, Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3 80GB, Acer Aspire 5515 Laptop, Acer Aspire One Netbook, Philips Surround Sound System, Toshiba DVD/VHS Recorder, Kodak EasyShare Digital Camera, Garmin Portable GPS Navigator, Apple Ipod Touch 8GB

Every 3 offers/Random Bonus--June 3

Every 3 Offers/1 Ticket - 7 Prizes--Jun 6, 2009

Double Signs! Jun 10, 2009

Earn Free Advertising --Jun 13-15 2009

Completion Contest(earn more free advertisting)--June 16th

3 offers/1 ticket--June 20th

Every 3 Offers/1 Ticket - 10 Prizes June 27th

There's never a bad time to join DealBarbie! Now open to the UK and Canada!

Monday, June 1, 2009

GPT CashCow Promos for June

June 1st Complete 5 offers earn 1.00 (I tend to be a sucker for these)

June Month Long Completion -- Earn 50.00 get 10.00 Can be won more than once.

I'm sure GPTCashchow will be having many more promos during the month!

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