Thursday, March 26, 2009

My first PTC site--NeoBux

I found NeoBux through Yahoo Answers and have heard nothing but good about it. I just made a little over $2.00 today. Took a little over a month(I joined Feb 18th) since they pay a penny per click, but it's legit and has a fairly solid forum. You get anywhere from 4-5 ads a day. All you have to do is click on a red dot, wait for ads to load, and then wait for the yellow bar to make it to the end. Doesn't take very long at all. The pennies ad up.

What makes NeoBux so unique is that you can RENT referrals. I just rented three using my NeoBux account. I wanted to upgrade to Golden(more ads), but I found that I needed to rent at least twice. No biggie. I don't mind because it doesn't really take much work for slowly, but surely get back up to the minimum cashout. First time, it's $2.00, but it actually goes up the more you cashout(up to $10.00.) This is because they assume that you'll rent/get referrals. Fine by me because I like this place a lot.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My first GPT site: FusionCash

Free Money at FusionCash!

I found out about Fusion Cash at the Something Awful forums. Someone had asked about how to earn money online and a reply mentioned making money at "goon run" FusionCash. I joined soon after I found it and have been a member for a year. BUT, because I tend to be skeptical, I didn't do much of anything until VERY recently. I was lucky I managed to log in since it had been so long. My $5.00 bonus ended up expiring (cry).

FusionCash is a bit more bare bones than other GPT sites. While they do have some promotions and contests, they are nowhere near as numerous as other GPTs. However, the money FusionCash pays out is pretty decent and even the "freebies" can net quite a bit of money if you know what you're doing(this is true with all GPT sites). If you're not afraid of doing trials(like I tend to be) or purchasing as seen on TV items, then you can get more money. If you post once a day on their large forum, then you can get an additional three dollars a month.

Their most recent addition is a PTC area which gave me great joy. You click on a 4 links under the Paid to Click block and if you stay for a total of two minutes, you get cents. In a month, that's close to three dollars, which is more than most PTC sites. FusionCash did good with doing that because now I have more of a reason to go more often than I used to.

Fusioncash has a very solid and helpful forum full of active members who can offer help should you ever need any. Overall, not a bad site, but I have my preferences. I guess I'm just a sucker for the "do this many offers and get an entry for a prize." Lol! I also tend to like the "daily trivia"/question of the day/Ptc contest sort of thing that Fusioncash lacks.

Still, this is my first GPT site and even though I'm not that active there, I still have no qualms about doing offers there.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

First Post And what this is all about

It seems like everyone and their grandmother has a blog like this, but most of them are about specific things or sites. This one will be about the ways /I/ make extra money online besides the obvious(Ebay, Amazon, Half, etc), and I will be doing everything from little reviews to comments and diary-like stuff. Eventually, I'll post what I've earned, any prizes and talk about contests certain PTC/GPT sites have.

I'm still new to this compared to others, so it'll seem like the blind leading the blind, but I'll be mostly just "pointing the way", so to speak.

All of what I list/talk about are legit. I do my research very carefully, and tend to be mindful of who/what to trust. So, none of these places are get rich quick places, but they are all good places make extra money even if it doesn't seem like much. Even a couple dollars a month can make a difference to some people.

I was a bit influenced by Parappa the Rappa too. The Frog Merchant(Prince Fleaswallow). It's an old game, but I still remember it quite a bit. "Money, money, money is all you need". LOL!
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