Thursday, March 26, 2009

My first PTC site--NeoBux

I found NeoBux through Yahoo Answers and have heard nothing but good about it. I just made a little over $2.00 today. Took a little over a month(I joined Feb 18th) since they pay a penny per click, but it's legit and has a fairly solid forum. You get anywhere from 4-5 ads a day. All you have to do is click on a red dot, wait for ads to load, and then wait for the yellow bar to make it to the end. Doesn't take very long at all. The pennies ad up.

What makes NeoBux so unique is that you can RENT referrals. I just rented three using my NeoBux account. I wanted to upgrade to Golden(more ads), but I found that I needed to rent at least twice. No biggie. I don't mind because it doesn't really take much work for slowly, but surely get back up to the minimum cashout. First time, it's $2.00, but it actually goes up the more you cashout(up to $10.00.) This is because they assume that you'll rent/get referrals. Fine by me because I like this place a lot.

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