Thursday, March 19, 2009

First Post And what this is all about

It seems like everyone and their grandmother has a blog like this, but most of them are about specific things or sites. This one will be about the ways /I/ make extra money online besides the obvious(Ebay, Amazon, Half, etc), and I will be doing everything from little reviews to comments and diary-like stuff. Eventually, I'll post what I've earned, any prizes and talk about contests certain PTC/GPT sites have.

I'm still new to this compared to others, so it'll seem like the blind leading the blind, but I'll be mostly just "pointing the way", so to speak.

All of what I list/talk about are legit. I do my research very carefully, and tend to be mindful of who/what to trust. So, none of these places are get rich quick places, but they are all good places make extra money even if it doesn't seem like much. Even a couple dollars a month can make a difference to some people.

I was a bit influenced by Parappa the Rappa too. The Frog Merchant(Prince Fleaswallow). It's an old game, but I still remember it quite a bit. "Money, money, money is all you need". LOL!

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