Saturday, April 25, 2009

GPT: SunnySide Cash

SunnySide Cash is one of the later GPT sites I joined. I found it through DealBarbie, and it's one the "brighter GPT" sites out there. That's why they call it SunnySide Cash. They stand out through the promos, like double points days and "Luck of the Draw". I won a "moth" upgrade through the "Luck of the Draw" promo, and all you have to do is complete two offers to get a "drawing". These sorts of promos last a couple of days, and I do offers during those promos. They have two sections of "Hot Offers"(they either credit highly or pays more than other offers). They also have a PTC section, Daily Trivia, and Daily surveys if you'd rather not do any offers. Points can be "cashed in" for prizes. They do require a scan of state ID for payouts, but it shouldn't be a problem to do. Those in the US, UK, Canada, and Austrailia are welcome to join, but no one else is.

If you do upgrade, then you get a free 1000 banner impression if you purchase advertising by April 30th and some of their best promos end Sunday. So, join quickly!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

2nd PTC site:Wordinx and Third PTC's the charm: ChristyClix

WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

Wordlinx is the second PTC that I have joined. I found it through a Squidoo lens, and it's generally a bare bones site if you're a free member. It IS one of those places where an upgrade is a good idea because you get much more than if you remained a free member. At WordLinx, you get a paid email every once in awhile and you get paid to click anywhere from 1-7 ads per day for points/cash. Like Neobux, you can buy/rent referals Only at Wordlinx, they tend to sell out pretty quickly. Gee, I wonder why. Honestly, this place isn't too awful, but I don't spend too much time here. Cashout is $10.00, and they have a store where you can buy things with the points you earned.

Third time's the charm for the PTC stuff because ChristyClix is one of my favorite PTC/PTR/PTwhatever out there. At least, it's the current favorite. I found this site through GPT Cashcow and at first, I simply treated it the way I did with the previous too. Go.Click.Ads. That's really it. But, then because I joined the forum and made an intro, I got a 100 banner credits. Yes, banner impressions. That was pretty nice, and I eventually learned about the Click Exchange. The Click Exchange is when you get hits for a certain amount of sites you visit. With ChristyClix, for every five sites you visit, you get four unique hits(credits). It took me awhile to get this, but once I figured out what X-Credits were(I actually learned this on the next PTC I'll be talking about), I experimented with What's in a Heart? and found that they were very nice to have. So, the X-change area turned out to be one of the more sought after places for me. I began using the X-change area for quite a few sites. Beyond that ChristyClix has quite a few ads(PTC/PTR/one e-mail every once in awhile), even if you're a free member. Cashout is $1.00. The forum will also have promotions and games where you can win more credits for advertising.

One other great thing is her ad packages. Usually, I ignore the inexpensive ad packages, but she's currently running a contest where you buy a three dollar package and the more you buy, the more likely you can win $30.00 for first, $20.00 for second, and $10.00 for third. The three dollar package(#1) was too good to ignore, so I purchased it, and will be using the credits for a long time to come. HAH! I use them for other sites, and my own. Good deal, and she has a 20 million credit one for $5.00.

I am currently very active with this one, and will be for quite some time. Worth joining, especially if you like talking in forums and chat rooms.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

1st PTR/GPT: InboxDollars

I joined InboxDollars through AnythingFree4You. I didn't know that it was a Paid to Read Email site until I actually joined. harhar. It's not the most widely promoted place, but I've seen it around some of the blogs I read. You get a penny per e-mail and you get about 3-5 e-mails per day. If that's not enough, you can do offers(trials, freebies, sign ups), surveys, play games(if you use IE),monthly sweepstakes(every dollar earned, gets an entry) and you can use InboxDollars for Cashback shopping. I don't use it much because it only pays by check, but for those that don't mind, then this is a good site to join. I just use it for the paid e-mails and offers unique only to it, but this place could be a dream come true for someone else.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

4th GPT Site: GPT CashCow

I found this site off a Squidoo Lens(linked at the side bar), and I joined it soon after I joined AnythingFree4You(previous post). It's a neat site with cute forum contests(flavor of the week/team contests) and incentive contests. The Milkshakes earned can be redeemed for cash and prizes. The owner is quite generous and active. She offers a toolbar that you can download for daily free promo codes. Cashcow has a very low minimum cashout($5.00), but I don't intend to withdraw until the end of the month. Cashcow has a PTC section, daily surveys, and some international offers. Not many GPT sites have anything outside of the US.

Overall, it's a very good GPT site and worth joining. I love the cow theme.
She has a large monthly jackpot too, and it's easy to get entries.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

3rd: Anything Free4You

AnythingFree4You is the third GPT site I joined, and it quickly became my favorite until Deal Barbie showed up(ironically enough, I joined Deal Barbie through anythingfree4you. LOLOLERSKATES! In fact, I joined a lot of things through this place.

Here is my review from

An adorable site that is surprisingly addictive.
I don't remember how I found AnythingFree4You, but I'm glad I did because it's proven to be one of my favorite GPT sites if not the favorite.

Part of its appeal is that it's more than just doing offers. The site has raffles(where everyone wins something, Paid to Click, lots of daily surveys, contests, and a question of the day which rewards you with a half point (or smiley) every time you answer. The little things add up, and if you don't want to do the many offers available, you can simply use the PTC ads and the question of the day to slowly rack up dollars and points.

Anythingfree4you has new offers daily and the "just credited" area makes it easy to choose which ones to do. The only flaw I can think of is that not every offer specifies what exactly to do, but that's what the forum and submit ticket is is for. The admin is helpful and quick to respond should you need any help.

The contests give plenty of incentive to do as many things as possible. Overall anythingfree4you is one of the better GPT/PTC sites out there.

Anythingfree4you also has a Bingo game going on, and currently has an Easter incentive(complete an offer, win a dollar), so today is certainly a good day to join!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

2nd GPT Site: Treasure Trooper


Treasure Trooper is the second GPT I have joined. I found it through Yahoo Answers. It is a very popular GPT site that has been around for four years. I joined in February. They are very legitimate and it's one of the most widely promoted GPTs out there. The offers are done the same way every GPT is, but they give out Pearls, Coins, Jewels, etc that can be exchanged for prizes. Treasure Trooper also has a HUGE jackpot, treasure hunts, newsletter offers, a huge, helpful message board and daily surveys(they have three, but each one is 75cents if you qualify for one). They have a lot of offers too. You may have seen some of them before, but they do have offers unique to them(from what I've seen).

Unfortunately, I joined at a time when I really didn't know what I was doing, so most of my offers ended up pending/denied. :/ However, I joined Gevelia Coffee through Treasure Trooper and view it as a "Cash Back" shopping site(TT is also the second cashback shopping site I've joined).

While Treasure Trooper is one of the most popular GPTs out there, it was quickly "brushed aside" in favor of another GPT site(not Deal Barbie, but one that I will be talking about next). That's doesn't mean that Treasure Trooper is bad, it just means that I've found places that have worked out better. For some people, Treasure Trooper is THE ONE, and that could easily include whoever is reading this review.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Deal Barbie--THE ONE

Deal Barbie isn't my second GPT or even my Third. However, it quickly became THE ONE once I started getting more and more active.

I've posted this in other places, Like, but I'll say it again here:

If there is any one GPT/PTC site to join, it's this one. It's both a Get Paid to and Paid to Click site that has been around for quite some time. Has paid over a million dollars total to all the members, and if money isn't all that's desired, there are always signs that you can trade for different prizes. What makes this place so appealing is that it has a wheel that you can spin twice a month and win a prize. I won a DB pen and 125 signs with my two spins. Deal Barbie also has contests almost every day. Currently, there's a contest where finishing every five offers gets a chance(ticket) to win prizes(Wii, DS Lite Black, and an Ipod shuffle), and on the 31st a completion contest that gives the winners an extra amount of money.

I did a sign contest that passed recently and won many extra signs by coming in third. I used them to get more tickets for drawings, and upgraded my account. I'm trying to place in the monthy sign contest for even more signs even though I joined on March 6th and did little to nothing until the 9th.

As for money, the more you do, the more you get, but you can win more through bonuses, promo codes, more contests and jackpots. If you need any help on what to do(I still need help sometimes), DBP has an excellent and friendly forum that can help you along with a FAQ and support ticket area.

Deal Barbie Pays has quickly become one of my favorite GPT/PTC sites! I'm KaniaSi over there and just "si" on the forums!

April also has some great Promotions too. Like, 30% extra signs, and every 3 offers get a "mystery prize". I'll be doing that one as soon as the day arrives. April is also DBP's anniversary(she's three years old), so that's why there are so many threes. Another great month and far better than March, especially since I finally figured out what might have been the problem in terms of getting CERTAIN (.info *cough*) to credit.

Why am I posting Deal Barbie? Because it's the first GPT/PTC site where I WITHDREW EARNINGS:

Request #11720

Method: Paypal MassPay (You will not be charged any fees from Paypal)
Date: Mar 31, 2009
To: my email address
Amount: 55.9531
Fee: 1.1419

(that fee comes from using Paypal Masspay. You're not charged Paypal fees, but you still pay a 2% fee if you use the Masspay option. Paypal itself would have been higher. Whatever. I'm still getting $$$$. Wheee!
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