Saturday, April 25, 2009

GPT: SunnySide Cash

SunnySide Cash is one of the later GPT sites I joined. I found it through DealBarbie, and it's one the "brighter GPT" sites out there. That's why they call it SunnySide Cash. They stand out through the promos, like double points days and "Luck of the Draw". I won a "moth" upgrade through the "Luck of the Draw" promo, and all you have to do is complete two offers to get a "drawing". These sorts of promos last a couple of days, and I do offers during those promos. They have two sections of "Hot Offers"(they either credit highly or pays more than other offers). They also have a PTC section, Daily Trivia, and Daily surveys if you'd rather not do any offers. Points can be "cashed in" for prizes. They do require a scan of state ID for payouts, but it shouldn't be a problem to do. Those in the US, UK, Canada, and Austrailia are welcome to join, but no one else is.

If you do upgrade, then you get a free 1000 banner impression if you purchase advertising by April 30th and some of their best promos end Sunday. So, join quickly!

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