Saturday, April 18, 2009

2nd PTC site:Wordinx and Third PTC's the charm: ChristyClix

WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

Wordlinx is the second PTC that I have joined. I found it through a Squidoo lens, and it's generally a bare bones site if you're a free member. It IS one of those places where an upgrade is a good idea because you get much more than if you remained a free member. At WordLinx, you get a paid email every once in awhile and you get paid to click anywhere from 1-7 ads per day for points/cash. Like Neobux, you can buy/rent referals Only at Wordlinx, they tend to sell out pretty quickly. Gee, I wonder why. Honestly, this place isn't too awful, but I don't spend too much time here. Cashout is $10.00, and they have a store where you can buy things with the points you earned.

Third time's the charm for the PTC stuff because ChristyClix is one of my favorite PTC/PTR/PTwhatever out there. At least, it's the current favorite. I found this site through GPT Cashcow and at first, I simply treated it the way I did with the previous too. Go.Click.Ads. That's really it. But, then because I joined the forum and made an intro, I got a 100 banner credits. Yes, banner impressions. That was pretty nice, and I eventually learned about the Click Exchange. The Click Exchange is when you get hits for a certain amount of sites you visit. With ChristyClix, for every five sites you visit, you get four unique hits(credits). It took me awhile to get this, but once I figured out what X-Credits were(I actually learned this on the next PTC I'll be talking about), I experimented with What's in a Heart? and found that they were very nice to have. So, the X-change area turned out to be one of the more sought after places for me. I began using the X-change area for quite a few sites. Beyond that ChristyClix has quite a few ads(PTC/PTR/one e-mail every once in awhile), even if you're a free member. Cashout is $1.00. The forum will also have promotions and games where you can win more credits for advertising.

One other great thing is her ad packages. Usually, I ignore the inexpensive ad packages, but she's currently running a contest where you buy a three dollar package and the more you buy, the more likely you can win $30.00 for first, $20.00 for second, and $10.00 for third. The three dollar package(#1) was too good to ignore, so I purchased it, and will be using the credits for a long time to come. HAH! I use them for other sites, and my own. Good deal, and she has a 20 million credit one for $5.00.

I am currently very active with this one, and will be for quite some time. Worth joining, especially if you like talking in forums and chat rooms.

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