Thursday, April 2, 2009

Deal Barbie--THE ONE

Deal Barbie isn't my second GPT or even my Third. However, it quickly became THE ONE once I started getting more and more active.

I've posted this in other places, Like, but I'll say it again here:

If there is any one GPT/PTC site to join, it's this one. It's both a Get Paid to and Paid to Click site that has been around for quite some time. Has paid over a million dollars total to all the members, and if money isn't all that's desired, there are always signs that you can trade for different prizes. What makes this place so appealing is that it has a wheel that you can spin twice a month and win a prize. I won a DB pen and 125 signs with my two spins. Deal Barbie also has contests almost every day. Currently, there's a contest where finishing every five offers gets a chance(ticket) to win prizes(Wii, DS Lite Black, and an Ipod shuffle), and on the 31st a completion contest that gives the winners an extra amount of money.

I did a sign contest that passed recently and won many extra signs by coming in third. I used them to get more tickets for drawings, and upgraded my account. I'm trying to place in the monthy sign contest for even more signs even though I joined on March 6th and did little to nothing until the 9th.

As for money, the more you do, the more you get, but you can win more through bonuses, promo codes, more contests and jackpots. If you need any help on what to do(I still need help sometimes), DBP has an excellent and friendly forum that can help you along with a FAQ and support ticket area.

Deal Barbie Pays has quickly become one of my favorite GPT/PTC sites! I'm KaniaSi over there and just "si" on the forums!

April also has some great Promotions too. Like, 30% extra signs, and every 3 offers get a "mystery prize". I'll be doing that one as soon as the day arrives. April is also DBP's anniversary(she's three years old), so that's why there are so many threes. Another great month and far better than March, especially since I finally figured out what might have been the problem in terms of getting CERTAIN (.info *cough*) to credit.

Why am I posting Deal Barbie? Because it's the first GPT/PTC site where I WITHDREW EARNINGS:

Request #11720

Method: Paypal MassPay (You will not be charged any fees from Paypal)
Date: Mar 31, 2009
To: my email address
Amount: 55.9531
Fee: 1.1419

(that fee comes from using Paypal Masspay. You're not charged Paypal fees, but you still pay a 2% fee if you use the Masspay option. Paypal itself would have been higher. Whatever. I'm still getting $$$$. Wheee!

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