Saturday, January 9, 2010

Specific Payment Proof Gallery: ChristyClix

Since some places have paid quite a bit, I decided to make payment galleries for specific places. So, any new proof from a specific site will simply go in their own galleries instead of being lumped in with general proof galleries. First up is:

Today is ChristyClix's first anniversary, and that's no small feat for Paid to Click sites since many of them tend to close down in much less time. Not only has hers been around for awhile, it's also one of the more successful aurora sites out there. ChristyClix was the third PTC site I've ever joined. So far, I've been paid six times by her:


As a warning, Linkbucks Galleries are perfectly fine, and so are the proofs, but the hosting ads can vary from "Meh" to "XXXXYIKES NOT WORKSAFE", so look with care. If you don't want to take any chances, then I have a safer gallery

Right here.

Happy One year Anniversay, ChristyClix!

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