Friday, May 8, 2009

DealBarbiePaysFast and Payment Proof

DealBarbiePaysFast is more barebones than the main DealBarbie site. It's basically DealBarbie without all the bruhaha of promos. In fact, all DBPF has are completion/PTC contests with the occassional 10 offers/bonus thrown in or certain #/upgrade. This site is basically for those who want a quick buck and then get paid withing 24 hours. Yes, it does indeed pay fast. I got my first payment within 24 hours. If Paypal is unappealing, then DBPF pays with check or Amazon Gift cards, but those are both $5.00 min. I use this site primarily for PTC stuff or Daily Surveys. Beyond that, I don't often use this site. However, those that just want to be paid without waiting up to 35 days use this site quite bit, especially if they win the completion contest that nets them even more money PAID FAST.

I just got my first payment today, and I cashed out yesterday. It's not much, but it's something, and it paid FAST.

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