Monday, October 19, 2009

First Traffic Exchange Site: BlogExplosion

I found BlogExplosion thorough MyLot. It's a Traffic Exchange site primarily for Blogs, so if you have a website, then you'd have to look elsewhere. Since there's plenty of GPT/OMG I got paid Blogs out there, I figured that BlogExplosion would be an excellent place for more traffic.

You get credits(hits) by surfing on a 30 second timer, playing games(scratch off/Blog Rocket are my favorites), and winning mystery credits through surfing/checking out Blog Rocket Blogs. Blog Rocket is a good way to earn a few extra hits for your blog and it only costs one credit to get your Blog on the Rocket. If you need any help, they have a very useful forum.

There's only two flaws that I can think of:

2. They're for Web Logs ONLY, so PTC sites/websites/ebay store/etc would be OUT.

There's also one more thing that isn't a flaw, but rather fact: There are better Traffic Exchange sites out there. Still, BlogExplosion is an excellent directory for Blogs(I've found a lot of cool blogs through this place), and a great way to get some traffic!

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