Sunday, November 1, 2009

First "Paid to Read": DonkeyMails!

I found DonkeyMails by simply looking all over the internet. It was a popular answer to the question: "WAAA! How do I make extra money online!?" Just hearing the name made me SQUEE! I knew early on that it was a very popular PTR site, and I quickly joined through:

I have no regrets because it's my favorite PTR site. Course, Paid to Read is actually inaccurate at DonkeyMails because really, you are paid to do just about ANYTHING there, even shop(they have cashback). They also have a manual exchange area that includes a chatroom and a chance to win random prizes. They have three kinds of PTC areas, Paid to Sign up, Paid to Review, Paid to Promote(0.50c per 1000 hits) Paid to read e-mails(I use the inbox option since the e-mails are plentiful), and lots of ways to advertise your own sites.

The only flaws I can think of are that:

1. No forum.
2. Some things aren't explained too well. Honestly this isn't a huge deal since Donkeymails isn't too difficult to figure out.

Honestly, I can't think of anything beyond that.

Currently, they have a referral contest running until December 31st. It's not a contest of how many referrals you can accumulate, but rather every referral gets you a ticket for a chance to win prizes. Obviously, the more referrals you get, the better your chances. They have daily ticket contests and "THE BIG ONE", so even if you don't win a daily contest, you can still win something in the end.

They also have a banner contest that runs until November 15th. You can submit up to ten and if they like yours enough, you can win some nice prizes there too.

This is best the time join DonkeyMails. I've been paid twice, and the proofs are below(these are on SharePic, so they're safe):

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