Thursday, December 24, 2009

3rd Traffic Exhange site: TrafficHighFlyer

I joined this place through the famed DonkeyMails because I needed to sites for the popular Pay to Promote that DonkeyMails is known for. I chose this one because it's a little different than most Exchange sites. Not only does he have exchanges, he offers "banner swapping", a "I rotate yours if you rotate mine" banner exchange, a chance to win $$$ per referral/surf 100 pages or more, a downline builder, personal splash page, and a chance to be part of an ad co-op.

The traffic ratio is 3:1 if you're a free member. Still, this is a reliable place to get some traffic for your site, especially if you're a "Pay to Promote" person, like me.

Not just another Traffic Exchange site!

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