Sunday, February 21, 2010

I was wondering what happened to PayToViewTube...

It went down around two weeks ago, and at first, I figured that it was some kind of server problem, but it hasn't come back at all. Then PTC Investigations comes to the rescue:

Uh huh.

Should have seen it sooner since I used the Gold Rotator that served me well until the site went down. Since it went down at the time I slowed down on Traffic Exchange sites, I didn't lose that many credits, thank God.

Unfortunately, I also got the $17.00 gold membership.

Yea, I know...I know...(no buying before you're paid, etc) but at least the rotator was useful(VERY useful), so it's not a complete loss. So really, I paid $17.00 for an unlimited url rotator for a few months! LOL! I used it for PTC sites that in turn paid to promote, Downline Builders, and Traffic Exchange sites. I got a TON of hits through it. Like I said, not a total loss.

Still, it sucks to see the site end up the way it did since it was the only "Paid to View" that I knew of.

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