Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Does Thunder PTC pay?

Yup, it does:

ThunderPTC is a bit different than other PTC sites in that it specializes in Daily Click type ads. You click on a link, click on another link(usually just one or two), and then stick around for at least 30 seconds. Once that's done, you get credit. You do have to phone verify before getting paid though. You can be paid through Paypal, Amazon or by check.

HOWEVER, this happened:

"Unfortunately our advertisers are not happy with the quality of traffic they have been receiving the past couple of weeks. Many members have not been following the requirements, therefore they have asked us to halt all ads at this time. We will try to work on a system that will provide a higher-quality platform for them, but we are unsure when they will be available again."

Huh, figures. It explains why the cashout was lowered to $1.00 when it was originally $5.00. Hopefully, things will get better soon since this is a promising PTC site.

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