Thursday, August 13, 2009

HAH! I knew this would happen eventually! Paid to Watch:

I just found this brand new site(in pre-launch since August 12th. Yea, YESTERDAY!), through NaughtyNNice in both PTC AND PTR ads. The person who advertised it really wanted people to see it. I joined immediately. I couldn't help myself because I KNEW something like this would happen eventually if it hasn't already.

It DOES have a forum, so that's a plus. The only minus is that it's brand new and not fully tried and tested even though they have claimed to paid out around $100.00. I got 1c for joining, and there's currently 4 videos available. If you watch at least a minute, then you get 3 cents. Or credits, rather. Because it's pre-launch, you get credits that can be redeemed for advertising. The actual money starts showing up on September 22nd.

Since this is a brand new, and a VERY rare, if not unique site, this is a perfect opportunity to build a downline. Or, at the very least, try out a site that clearly stands out from the usual Paid to whatever places.


  1. I am the admin of PaidToViewTube. We have not paid out a penny yet. Just some test payments.
    Until last week i ran TexasPTC one of the usual PTC sites and everyone got paid there. This is the next logical step so thanks for the article and for joining my site.
    Spike. PTVT Admin.

  2. Wow! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the credits!

  3. my name for PTVT is traffic104 I can not log into PTVT and I paid a lot of money to get 60 referrals for their program..if i have been called a cheater .it is not so !!!!!!!!! I have a 100% rating on ebay for instance..Spike if you see this ,please contact me at

  4. This guy Spike who's real name is Pete Morby of the UK is a crook, his silver and gold PTVT and his newest sites and all just suddenly disappeared from the web on Feb.5,2010 leaving hundreds of members out of not only their upgrade fees, any earnings they had, and in the case of Spikesurf monthly membership fees. He strung all his loyal members along for several months with promises that business would pick up, in the mean time living high off all the thousands he stole from them. What a loser! My recommendation if you ever see his name associated with any site in the future is to run the other way.


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