Friday, August 14, 2009

PTC site: Hundred Acre Clicks

I've seen this site advertised mostly on other Blogs and only a few GPT/PTC sites. I joined through:

I actually wanted to join for quite awhile because I'm familiar with the admin and she does have a lot of promos/contests, including raffle tickets where you can win many neat prizes. She's fairly generous and VERY active. Her site includes Twitter and a Blog. All that's missing is a forum. Does HAC pay? Sure does, but I don't have a payment proof myself because the cashout is $3.00, and I haven't got there yet. I'm at over $2.00 and it doesn't take too long to get there because the click rates are fairly high. If you decide to go premium, then your minimum would be a bit lower, but I have yet to go premium. Heh.

This is a good PTC site that doesn't really get a lot of attention, and TODAY is its six month anniversary. Hundred Acre Clicks really should be advertised more.

I actually considered posting this PTC site on "What's in a Heart" because of the common Disney themes, but HAC is better off here since it is still a PAID to site that is really about Pooh themes more than, say, Sora.

Because there still aren't that many members is and you can easily get free credits for doing certain tasks, you can still build a good downline and an advertising base.

Happy 6th month anniversay, HAC!

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