Monday, July 27, 2009

PTC Site: Cops and Donuts

I found this site through:

It's like all PTC sites, but is mostly full of PTC and PTR ads. There aren't very many click exchange sites and I've yet to see any sign up offers. Still, it's a relatively new site, so I'm sure with more members, there'll be a variety. However, Cops and Donuts has a bunch of PTC ads, and Trully, the admin, has random bonuses for those who want to brave 86-106 ads. She also has purchase contests every once in awhile.

The min is low($1.00), but it does take some time to get there. You WILL get paid fairly quickly once you withdraw what you've earned. Trully doesn't use MassPay for Paypal, and she also accepts AlertPay if you hate Paypal.

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